This month, we launched our new October marketing campaign. Sometimes life hands you a treat. Often it’s the smallest things in your day that give you the most pleasure, like getting the last seat on the bus or finding a fiver in your coat pocket. Mini Fist Pump moments when things go exactly your way.

Watch our new TV ad above and you’ll know what we mean!

The campaign will be supported across all marketing channels – including:

  • TV: 8th October – 16th November* National 20’’ TV ad will air on Wednesday 8th October and run until 16th November
  • Online Advertising: 8th October – 5th November Dynamic campaign on key national sites, Twitter & Facebook includes sponsorship of The
  • ACTIVATION: 17th October – 22nd October Sponsorship of 6 X Branded Eco Cabs offering ‘Free Rides’ / #MFP moments to commuters
  • OHH Campaign:  20th October – 2nd November National Outdoor Campaign on Billboards, bus shelters, metro panels & bus T-sides
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: 8th October – 19th October Win #minifistpump moments from JE, Hailo, & iTunes
  • PRESS AD:  Full Page Colour,The Metro (8th October) & The Herald (16th October)