Does he know what noise a Zebra makes? – Matthew Plant

My son loves zebras! His favourite museum is the Natural History Museum. So, I asked him. He told me it’s like a effalump (elephant), so there you go! (He’s two and a half so don’t hold me to it! )

There is a need for healthy, lower calorie take away meals! Is this something you are going to source? – Claire Jackson

Great point! Depending on the restaurant choice where you live there are a selection of healthy sushi, Asian or Italian offerings. The really helpful evolution that JUST EAT need to help sort out is a great & accurate way to share calorie, allergy and ‘scores on the doors’ information.

I should also say JUST EAT have the most comprehensive database of UK and Irish restaurants, we are currently targeting the ‘best’ ones and recruiting them onto our website.

We see industry restaurant trends following consumer demand, healthy dishes are a fast growing part of the industry and we’ll help drive that by publishing the above information.

Hooray – about time – am so very proud of you – Mum xxxxxx  – Jennifer Morgan

Damn, it really is my Mum! Shouldn’t you be babysitting my son? Thanks Mum – you’re the best!

If you were stranded in an alleyway that was blocked off at both ends and from above by ravenous half monkey-half human creatures, which superpower do you think would be appropriate to help you escape? – David Willis 

David, if you’re going to try and challenge us with difficult questions – make them a little harder! The only answer to this? Banana Man.

How about putting the restaurants hygiene rating along side the information about the restaurant? I understand it is more work but it would surely help your business and give you something different over competitors. – Patsy Morton

We started our company to help address the lack of transparency in the sector – hence our up to date ratings on every restaurant from local consumers where you live. JUST EAT isn’t picking this up because of Watchdog’s report, though it was very helpful in helping drive industry standards. We have been working with the both the FSA and government to help improve this for over a year. We are hugely passionate about this whole area and want to give consumers the most relevant up to date information possible.

You will be pleased to know we are very seriously looking at how we publish the ‘scores on the doors’ information but that is only part of the solution. The millions of live up to date ratings from consumers that JUST EAT publish we believe are still the most useful information for our customers.

What about a loyalty scheme for long time users? I’m missing out on my locals free meals vouchers whenever I use JUST EAT. – Anthony Monkman

We are focused on giving great value everyday on every order. We ask our partner restuarants to give our customers unique offers as part of being listed on JUST EAT. We think this is a better everyday product to focus on, as it offers value in a wide selection of restaurants in your area.

Restaurant specific menu deals are published on JUST EAT already, we need to do some work on our menu product so we can capture all local restaurants specific offers and we will.

What’s his favourite takeaway and what are the perks of his job – does he get unlimited free takeaways? – Mary Ballard

Like many things in life, it depends on the mood and moment. Generally, I’m a big fan of Lamb Madras.

In terms of the perks of the job, the biggest one that I value is that I get to have an amazing amount of fun with fantastic industry people and internal people at JUST EAT.

It really is a great industry to be part of and while we are all working incredibly hard we also have a fantastic time doing it.

Sadly, I pay for my takeaways like everyone else!

When did David retire as a Bob Mortimer lookalike? – Steve Sayce

A handsome Bob Mortimer, I would agree – I have more hair, but his jokes are better.

Stop letting your admins remove reviews from the website, it’s bang out of order! – Tony Richens

We have a very clear policy of not doing this unless the review contains swearing or libellous content. The review area is something we feel very passionate about – keep an eye on our service later in the year for some exciting new developments.

Thanks David!