A Way To Boost Business on Those Quiet Weekday Nights


Why Have JUST EAT Deals:

Do you want to increase your orders during the week?

Do you want to stand out from your competitors by offering better value to your customers?


1. Meal deals are no longer attractive to the customers.

2. Special offers are not special anymore because every Takeaway Restaurant has one.

3. Customers doesn’t like to be forced to choose a set menu.


How JUST EAT Deals works:

Your Takeaway Restaurant will have a special Save Tag (eg: 20%, 35% ) on Just-Eat.ie

Customers can choose anything from the menu but still will get a discount.

It is not for every order, only customers who spend a min of x amount will avail the discount.

If the JUST EAT deal discount is compared to the free sides and large bottle of drinks that are offered to the customers, the discount is very low and effective.

Percentage discount is attractive vs buy one get one free offers.


What can JUST EAT Deals do for you:

Increase turnover for your takeaway restaurant

Increase orders in quiet periods

Offer an incentive to your consumers to order

Create a competitive advantage over your competitors.


How It benefits Customers:

They can choose any item on the menu but will still get a discount.

Save money on every order by using JUST EAT deals on www.just-eat.ie

Don’t have to buy vouchers to get discounts.

On every customer order, customer gets to know how much they have saved .


How It Benefits Just Eat:

If you’re happy, we’re happy 🙂