Food fraud is committed when food is deliberately placed on the market, for financial gain, with the intention of deceiving the consumer. Although there are many kinds of food fraud the two main types are:

The sale of food which is unfit and potentially harmful, such as:

– Recycling of animal by-products back into the food chain
– Packing and selling of beef and poultry with an unknown origin
– Knowingly selling goods which are past their ‘use by’ date
– The deliberate misdescription of food, such as:

Products substituted with a cheaper alternative, for example, farmed salmon sold as wild, and Basmati rice adulterated with cheaper varieties making false statements about the source of ingredients, i.e. their geographic, plant or animal origin

This behaviour is not tolerated by JUST EAT and should we become aware, the restaurant will be taken offline pending an investigation. Should the restaurant be found guilty of food fraud the account will be terminated.