Top Placement gives your restaurant the opportunity to feature at the top of the search results on the Just Eat site and app for your chosen postcodes and exposes your business to thousands of potential customers. Your listing will be labelled ‘Promoted’.

Why get Top Placement?

Top Placement exposes you to new customers giving your business the opportunity to increase your customer base and improve your online presence. This could lead to an average increase of 73% in orders*.


A few simple steps:

  1. Check you are eligible to purchase Top Placement – here’s our eligibility criteria (all past 90 days):
    • Just Eat Review rating of 4.7 or more
    • At least 5 customer reviews
    • Low percentage of rejected orders
    • At least 100 orders through Just Eat
  2. Select your desired delivery postcode, purchase Top Placement and for 12 weeks and appear at the top of the list! Your restaurant will be rotating together with up to 10 other restaurants over the 5 “Promoted” positions appearing on the top of the search.
  3. Enjoy the orders!
  4. Monitor your results: thanks to our monthly performance email, you will be able to check how your Top Placement is paying off.
  5. Renew your Top Placement through Partner Centre. Soon, you will be able to renew your slots with just a few clicks without need to call our consultants. Please note that some postcodes already have this functionality enabled, and it will be rolled out gradually across all postcodes.

For any queries, call your local Top Placement consultant at:
01 872 7863 or email

*Data based on restaurant partners that have been on Top Placement for the first time for a 12 week period between January and June 2018. Analysis comparing results before and after the purchase of Top Placement.